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The Impossible Project

01.19.09 | 09:43 AM CST

This message to the Polaroid faithful will come as some exciting news.  A company called Impossible b.v. has gotten the support of some investors to re-start production of analog integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010.

The website is beautifully created, with many surreal, ghostly images of the recently deserted Enschede factory.  The company has managed to get support of around 12 former representatives of Polaroid.  What better to know how to create this stuff, than to recruit the brains behind this instant film?  Impossible b.v hopes to use this time currently to research new production methods and design of the former film.  They are not trying to create the exacting product that Polaroid had perfected, rather build upon that and create a product that is more cost effective, and has many enhanced elements as its predecessor.  It’s exciting to know that this will also be re-branded and include a new marketing plan.  It will be interesting to see what target audience they aim to attract. 

As they make clear, they have many challenges to overcome, one of which is the pressure to design the film to replace problematic and hard to create components.  The integral pack film has many components, and it’s no wonder this remains to be a challenge.

I was quite excited to hear the news as my recent acquisition of a Polaroid SX-70 has me using the current integral film type.  Sure, film is expensive currently, but if the impossible project surfaces, this could mean a small comeback for a medium embraced by many photographers alike.


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