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Polaroids Revived

03.25.10 | 09:38 AM CDT

It was just over a year ago when Impossible B.V. announced that it would take on the challenge to remake and start production of analog integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras.  A small group of Dutch scientists were focused on not re-inventing the Polaroid brand, but rather design an entirely new manufacturing process for the beloved instant pack films.  A year has passed and Impossible B.V announced yesterday that they have reached their first goal.

The company has created an integral pack film called PX SilverShade monochrome.  The new film is the result of a year of re-engineering the process of the pack film from chemical manufacturing to automated processing of the packs. 

Polaroid pack film consists of a very complex assembly of film, gelatin, and battery.  As you can see, the production of this film posed quite a challenge. 

The new film comes out of the camera displaying a bright cobalt blue color.  It’s a protective film that protects the image from being overdeveloped from outside light.  Impossible recommends you shield the print by simply turning it over to avoid bright sunlight when exposing.
The film develops with an almost tan-brown color.  With under or over-development, you can really change the properties of the image.  The new PX SilverShade film also allows for manipulation.

Sale of this film is scheduled to start today, and is rumored to cost around $25 for a pack of 10.  Along with the other excited Polaroid enthusiasts, I’m sure anxious to get my hands on the new film and get that instant, analog gratification.


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